With 34+ years of aviation experience, Greg Pierce & Pierce Aviation Services have worked and managed many aircraft recovery, and “aircraft waking up” projects. The team has the ability to tap into a cadre of aircraft specific, experienced mechanics, Designated Engineer Representatives (DER), Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR-T), and ferry pilots/flight crews. Pierce Aviation  will also liaison with the local FAA Office to head off any perceived problems.

Aircraft Recovery - Pierce Aviation ServicesPierce Aviation Services can put together a team to travel worldwide to in the recovery of any aircraft from a General Aviation type aircraft up to a large Transport Category type aircraft.

The Pierce Aviation Team’s experience also includes recovering aircraft from short and long term storage from airfields including Tucson, Chandler, Victorville, Marana, Roswell, Lake City, Greybull, and Miami.

After a records review, and life-limited component research, a conference call will be set up between the DAR-T, aircraft owner, and team assigned.  A plan of action will be agreed upon by all parties to ensure that the aircraft can be properly recovered, or returned to an airworthy condition.

No job or place is too tough for these crews. The crew spent 30 days recovering this C-130 and returning it to an airworthy after it sat outside for 9 years.

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