Pierce Aviation Services conduct two main types of aircraft logs and records audits:

General Audit

The general audit focuses on the current status of the records and verifies that the information is accurate and up to date. This type of audit is usually associated with a periodic or mid lease term assessment for aircraft owners or leasing companies. It can also be used when a prospective buyer needs to have an up to date status of the records in the early stages of an  aircraft purchase or lease arrangement.

The main areas that are reviewed in the aircraft logs and records audit are:

  • Certification and documentation
  • Airworthiness Directive status
  • Service Bulletin status
  • Maintenance Program
  • Heavy check history
  • Engine disk records
  • Engine overhaul records
  • Landing gear overhaul records
  • APU overhaul records
  • Life limited parts review
  • Avionic component list
  • Aircraft total time and cycle verification
  • Damage and repair reports

Lease Return Logs and Records Audit

The lease return audit is a detailed review of all the aircraft records from manufacture, it forms the basis for an aircraft appraisal or valuation, it gives specific information to the appraiser on the utilization of the aircraft and individual components that have an affect on the total sale or lease value.

In addition to the list on the General Audit this audit also includes:

  • Life limited component life remaining status
  • Component record verification and serial number check
  • Aircraft utilization history from manufacture
  • Heavy checks, inspections or overhauls due or overdue
  • Hard copy records check

 Aircraft Logs and Records

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