Aircraft Inspection - Pierce Aviation Services


The Aircraft inspection

…is carried out by Pierce Aviation for a variety of reasons with varying complexity.The following list details the types of inspections performed and the application for which they are used.

General Aircraft Inspection

A general physical inspection is normally carried out on-site to assess the general condition of the aircraft and consists of a visual inspection of the aircraft exterior and interior. The focus being on the main wear and tear components such as doors, landing gear, engines, flight controls, and the aircraft structural condition.

This type of  aircraft inspection is usually associated with a periodic or mid lease term assessment for aircraft owners or leasing companies. It can be used when a prospective buyer needs to have a snapshot of general condition, in the early stages of an aircraft purchase arrangement.

Lease Return Inspection Representation

This is a detailed inspection, normally conducted at a Major Repair Organization (MRO) and in accordance with the Lease Agreement. This inspection forms the basis for an aircraft appraisal or valuation, it gives specific information to the appraiser/owning company on the condition of the aircraft and certain components which affect the total sale or lease value. The external areas focused on are mainly structural damage, corrosion, wear, leakage and external paint condition. The internal areas focused on are mainly cabin appearance, galley and lavatory condition, flight deck appearance and condition.

In addition to the aircraft inspection , a full inventory of life limited parts is taken, this is used to track traceability of the components history and to determine their time in service. Also a complete Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin review is completed.

Heavy Check Inspection

Aircraft Inspection - Pierce Aviation ServicesThis is the typical scheduled Letter Check that is required by most manufacturers and approved CAMS programs. This type of inspection may be a requirement for certain lease agreements where the inspection must be carried when the aircraft is in the hanger on a heavy check.

Special Inspections

On certain occasions it may be necessary to carry out special inspections; these inspections may be limited to one component such as an engine or several components such as landing gears, or a particular section of the aircraft such as the main cabin configuration. During aircraft recoveries, special inspections may be dictated by Approve Data such as an approved CAMS program, AAIP, or at the direction of a DER or DAR-T. Each special inspection will be unique to the situation on hand.

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